3-step tutorial to create BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot on Bitfinex exchange

Bitfinex has supported BitUniverse Grid Trading Bot, so now all Bitfinex users can use the Grid Trading bot for free.

Here is the 3-step tutorial as follows:

Step 1: Log in on Bitfinex and Create API

(1) Login on Bitfinex (https://www.bitfinex.com)

(2) Tap your account to create a new sub-account with a new email

(3) Type in your new email, username, password and then select the Trading Competition Account named #BitUniverse Grid Trading

(4)You will then receive an email from Bitfinex, tap「CONFIRM EMAIL ADDRESS」in the email, then your sub-account will be activated

(5)Login on Bitfinex with the sub-account, tap your account and click API Keys> Create New Key

(3) Create New Key > Turn 「Create and cancel orders」on

(4) Label your API and Tap「Generate API Key」then Input Google Authentication Code

(5) You will receive an email from Bitfinex for API creating

(6) Click「CREATE API KEY」in your email from Bitfinex

(7) Your API is done, copy your API Key and Secret Key and don’t expose to others.

Step 2: Input API on BitUniverse app

Download BitUniverse app(www.bituniverse.org), sign up first and log in > tap「ADD EXCHANGE」 on Trade Page > Choose Bitfinex and tap Bitfinex > Import your Key and Secret or you can scan QR code > Tap 「IMPORT」then all is done as the following picture show:

Step 3: Create Grid Trading Bot with Bitfinex

On Trade page, you should choose Bitfinex exchange and BTC/USDT trading pair as example.

If you are new to Grid trading bot, you can use AI strategy, which is AI backtest annualized return of 7 days, then choose how much funds to create the Grid trading bot, and then tap “CREATE”, then the bot will start as the picture shows:

If you wanna set the parameters yourself, you can tap「Set myself」as the picture shows:

You also can join our telegram group to take the further assistance.

👉 Our telegram Group: https://t.me/butrader👉 Download BitUniverse: www.bituniverse.org

You also can watch video tutorial to set up API:


The security for API on BitUniverse:

All the API Keys are encrypted and can’t be decrypted without the private key. They can’t even match the API Key to the right user due to the encrypted data is related with the info of each user.

All the orders placing process will be done in the VPC with physical isolation in few milliseconds. Hackers don’t even have the chance to break the server and steal your API key. Your API Key is SAFE with security experts from BitUniverse team.

Check here to learn more API security on BitUniverse:




Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from Pionex.com

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Mario liu

Mario liu

Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from Pionex.com

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