ARPA × BitUniverse Global Grid Trading Contest — 131,900ARPA to be Won!

ARPA × BitUniverse Global Grid Trading Competition is coming, and the total prize pool is 131,900ARPA. Invite a new user to create Grid Trading Bot through your referral link on BitUniverse, You can get up to 999ARPA + 30 BUB.

Contest Period⏰

2020/06/19 10:00 am — 2020/06/28 10:00 am(UTC)

Sign up for the contest🙋‍♂️

Event Rules📄

1)After signing up for the contest, all participants need to create a Grid Trading Bot on an ARPA pair, on any of the following exchanges: Binance, Huobi Global,, Kucoin, MXC, HBTC or Pionex.

2) The Grid Bot has to meet the following conditions to be eligible for the event:
Investment of a single Grid Trading Bot >= 100 USDT value
Lasting time >= 24 hours
Transactions completed >= 30 txs

Prize- Total 131,900ARPA

(1) Invitation Prize — Win Up to 999ARPA + 30BUB by inviting each new user!

Win 999ARPA + 20BUB — If you invite a new user to start ARPA Grid Trading Bot on Pionex , you can get 999ARPA + 20BUB as invitation prize. Besides, the invited new users also can get 10USDT insurance funds to cover their loss for the first bot.
Win 666ARPA + 20BUB — During the event, you can invite other users by sending them your BitUniverse referral link. If they also join the event by creating an eligible ARPA Grid Trading Bot with Binance, Huobi Global,, KuCoin, MXC, HBTC exchanges and meet above conditions, you will get 666 ARPA + 20 BUB as reward

Get my BitUniverse referral link: Sign in on BitUniverse > switch to “Me” Tab > Tap the Invitees button and click on SHARE to get your referral link.

The more invitations you make, the more awards you can get.
The total invitation Prize is 99,900 ARPA. First come, first served.

(2) Grid Annualized Prize— Total prize pool 32,000 ARPA

During the competition, if you run ARPA grid Trading Bot with above 8 exchanges and meet the following conditions, you will be eligible to join the Grid Annualized rank and win the prize.

During the competition, all Grid Bots that meet all requirements, will be ranked by their ‘Grid Annualized Rank’. The 3 Grid Bots with the best ranking at the end will share the 32,000 ARPA prize pool.

First Prize : 20,000 ARPA ×1

Second Prize : 8,000 ARPA ×1

Third Prize : 4,000 ARPA ×1


  1. The effective transactions do not include account matching or self-dealing during the event, which will be disqualified.
  2. The participants who join with more than one account will be disqualified from all the prizes.
  3. The rewards will be distributed to the winners’ Pionex account within 2 weeks after the event.
  4. BUB is BitUniverse points, which can be used to purchase PiHodl on Pionex.
  5. Investors should pay attention to crypto currency investment risks. BitUniverse offers Grid Trading tools, but does not take any responsibility for personal investment behavior.
  6. 10USDT insurance fund is only available to new users whose loss is more than 10USDT, which will be distributed to their Pionex account after the event ends.
  7. ARPA and BitUniverse are entitled to the final interpretation of this activity.


Q1.Invitation Reward — Who counts as a “new” BitUniverse user?

A1: Participants who sign up and create their account AFTER the contest has started are qualified as new users.

Q2. Can I create multiple bots at the same time?
A2: Each participant can create multiple bots during the competition. Only the Bot with the highest annualized return will be shown in the ranking. For example, if A creates three bots, the annualized return of the first bot is 150%, the second is 50%, and the third is 80%, Then only the Bot with 150% will be shown in the ranking.

Q3: If I have created an ARPA Grid Bot before the contest, will it be qualified to join the competition?
A4: No. Any ARPA Grid Bot created before the competition period will not be qualified. We suggest that you should cancel and create a new Bot after the contest has started.

Q4:How is Annualized Return Percentage calculated?
After creating an ARPA Grid Trading Bot, you can check the bot details on BitUniverse app on MY BOT of TRADE page.
You can also get more information about how profit is calculated here:

Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from Pionex (