Auto Copy trading on Pionex made me over 30% profit just in 10 days!

Mario liu
4 min readSep 19, 2022


Made me over 30% profit just in 10 days

I tried Auto Copy trading with FieryTrading’s signal-BTC Wave SX on Pionex, and now it has already made me over 30% profit.

FieryTrading is one of the master-level pro traders with almost 40,000 subscribers on Trading View who shares many of his trading strategies and ideas there.

Try FieryTrading free for the 1st month

The First 100 people can use FieryTrading on Pionex for free for the 1st month. ( Normally, You need to pay $49 per month )

How to get the 1st-month free trial:

How does auto copy trading work with FieryTrading?

FieryTrading generates the trading signals.

This algorithm, BTC Wave SX, which FieryTrading provides, trades Bitcoin on the 3-day chart exclusively, which generally results in a trade every three days. It uses an advanced AI to scan 40–60 macro & micro trading indicators to determine the best trading direction, and the back-test has reached incredible results for almost 7 years, making it one of the market’s most resilient and future-proof algorithms.

Auto trade according to FieryTrading’s signals.

Pionex integrated FieryTrading’s signals and developed the Auto copy trading to auto trade according to FieryTrading’s signals. You just need to subscribe to FieryTrading on Pionex and start auto-copy trading, which will auto-trade for you.

For example, Once FieryTrading generates a long alert, Pionex auto-copy trading will execute the long trading immediately. Once FieryTrading generates a short alert, Pionex auto-copy trading will execute the short trading immediately.

You don’t need to check the signal and trade manually all the time, and you don’t need to worry about missing the good timing of trading with signals anymore.

How it worked before — Back Testing

The usual way to evaluate whether some strategies will perform well or not is to check the back testing, especially in some big events like 12–03–2020 or 19–05–2020.


  • Go short at the BTC price of $9,131.88
  • Go long at the BTC price of $4,800 after BTC dropped to $4,327 the lowest price that time.


  • Go short at the BTC price of $46,805
  • Go long at the BTC price of $37,236 after BTC dropped to $30,312 the lowest price that time.

FieryTrading- BTC Waves SX VS BTC Buy & Hold

If you bought one Bitcoin and started trading with Fire signal from 2017/08/07 to 2022/09/04 at the same time about 5 years:

  • BTC hold will make a 326.95% return
  • FieryTrading will make a 66,880.89% return, 200 times higher than holding BTC.

How to use it in 3 steps

Step 1: Sign up on Pionex

Visit and create an account on Pionex

Step 2: Subscribe to FieryTrading on Pionex

Subscribe to the FieryTrading on Pionex:
Tap the link to subscribe:

Step 3: Start Auto Copy trading

You can get started with this Auto Copy trading with 50 USDT as the min amount. If you don’t have any money in your Pionex account, you can deposit some USDT into your Pionex wallet.

If you have any questions, you can email, and I will do my best to help you. Anyway, please do your own research because crypto trading is risky and this article is not for financial advice, only to share my personal trading experience. Happy Trading!