Binance × BitUniverse First Global Futures Grid Trading Contest-30,000 USDT To Be Won!

1. Contest Period⏰

2. Sign up for the contest🙋‍♂️

3. Event Rules📄

4. Awards- Total 30,000USDT 🏆

(1) Participation( Lucky Awards + New User Awards)— $10,000 USDT

(2) Trading Master Awards— 5,000 USDT

(3) Trading King Awards-10,000 USDT

(4) Exclusive VIP User Awards-5,000 USDT


  1. The effective transactions do not include account matching or self-dealing during the event, which will be disqualified.
  2. The participants who join with more than one account will be disqualified to all the awards.
  3. The rewards will be distributed to the winners’ Binance account within 2 weeks after the event.
  4. Investors should pay attention to crypto currency investment risks. BitUniverse offers Grid Trading tools, but does not take any responsibility for the personal investment behavior.
  5. Binance and BitUniverse are entitled to the final interpretation of this activity.

FAQ for Futures Grid bot❓

Join our telegram group to take the further assistance.

👉 Contest telegram Group:



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