Bitfinex × BitUniverse Global Grid Trading Contest-50,000 USDT To Be Won!

1. Contest Period⏰

2021/01/21 11:00 AM to 2021/02/21 11:00 AM (UTC)

2. Sign up for the contest🙋‍♂️

👉Tap Here to Sign Up Now 👈

You will only be eligible to win the prizes if you sign up for the competition through the above link.

3. Event Rules📄

To join the competition participants need to create at least one Grid Trading Bot, which meet some conditions to win any prize.

4. Event Prize- Total 50,000USDT 🏆

Create your first Grid Trading bot on BitUniverse — Win 50 USDT
Participants who import API into BitUniverse and create a BitUniverse Grid Bot for the very first time will get 50 USDT as new user prize, if their Bots also have to meet the following conditions to be eligible.

👉Who qualifies as a new user ? Someone who never created any bot on BitUniverse before.

👉Download BitUniverse:

👉3 steps to create Grid Trading Bot on Bitfinex exchange:

During the contest, Participants who share the profit picture of their bots in the Telegram group ( once per day for 5 consecutive days, will win a 5 USDT prize.

👉Get your bot profit picture:
Tap the「share 」button in the lower right corner of your running bot > You can save the picture or directly share it in the Telegram group(

During the competition, participants need to create at least one Grid Trading Bot with following trading pairs as follows:

There will be a ranking of the Bots with the highest total trading volume. The 100 users who have the best ranking at the end will share a prize pool of 35,000 USDT:

#1: 2,500 USDT
#2: 2,000USDT
#3: 1,500 USDT
#4–10: 800 USDT
#11–50: 335 USDT
#51–100: 200USDT

Note :
👉Trading volume calculation
Each participant can create multiple Grid Trading Bots during the competition. All eligible Bots a user made will be counted and the COMBINED trading volume of all Bots together will count for the users ranking. And trading volume will be calculated out as USD by BitUniverse system , only the eligible users will be listed in the rank from the biggest to the smallest.
👉Trading volume rank checking
Sign in on BitUniverse > switch to 「ME」‌ Tab > Tap Bitfinex × BitUniverse Grid Trading Contest」 poster, here you can check the volume rank.


  1. We do not include wash trading or same person operating two accounts trading with each other during the event, all these behavior will be disqualified.
  2. The participants who join with more than one account will be disqualified from all the prizes.
  3. The prizes will be distributed to the winners’ Bitfinex account within 2 weeks after the event.
  4. Investors should pay attention to crypto currency investment risks. BitUniverse offers Grid Trading tools but does not take any responsibility for personal investment behavior.
  5. Bitfinex and BitUniverse are entitled to the final interpretation of this activity.

6. FAQ for competition

Q1: I’ve been already a user of Bitfinex and BitUniverse before the event. Can I participate in this event?
A1: Of course! You can. New and old users both can participate in the competition.

Q2: If I created Grid Bot before the competition, will it be qualified for the competition?
A2: No. Grid Trading Bots made on Bitfinex before competition will not be qualified. We suggest to start new Bots after the competition has started.

Q3: How’s the trading volume calculated? Can I create multiple bots at the same time?
A3: Each participant can create multiple bots during the competition. The trading volume of them all combined will count and is shown in the ranking.
For example, if A creates three bots, the trading volume of the first bot is 40 USDT, of the second bot 30 USDT, and of the third one is 60 USDT. The trading volume will be summed up as: 40+30+60=130 USDT, which will be shown in the ranking.

Q4: Shall all awards be won at the same time?
A4: As long as you meet all the conditions to be eligible for the prize, you can win the prize from all the different parts of the event at the same time.

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