Don’t Fear Price Up or Down Any More- Bot Comb with Leveraged & Margin Bots!

Long or Short- What’s your choice?

Every trader has his understanding of market trend- long or short. However, because of the oppositional up-or-down directions, there will always be a group of traders who made the wrong direction, which means they’re gonna lose money. And I am always one of them, Any way out?

After running for over 20 days, I find out that long-short strategy, combined with Leveraged and Margin Grid, is a good way out!

Long-short strategy-Bot Comb makes you not fear price up or down any more!

Long-short Strategy, combined Leveraged Grid and Margin Grid, is to maximize your returns and reduce risk whenever the price goes up or down such as the combination of long and short positions for Hedge funds.

As the picture shows, I have created the 2X Leveraged Grid with BTC/USDT, which is to long BTC, and the 2X Margin Grid with BTC/USDT, which is to short BTC.

We can easily see that the two advanced bots, running for over 23 days, were created with the same parameters like BTC/USDT trading pair, investment, price range and so on.

The profits for the long-short strategy = Total profit for Leveraged Grid (84.9774$)+Total profit for Margin Grid(-62.08$).

Then Profits for the long-short strategy=+84.9774$+(-62.08$)=22.8974$

Long-short Strategy, combined Leveraged bot and Margin bot

The long-short strategy, combined with Leveraged Grid and Margin Grid is a good way to maximize your returns and reduce risk.

Because you can get 2X grid profit from the two bots, and even one’s total profit is negative, another’s shall be positive, which can reduce your risk. How wonderful the long-short strategy is!

How to start Long-short strategy?

BTC/USDT trading pair as an example:

Step1: Create one Leveraged Grid to long BTC and one Margin Grid(Loan BTC) to short BTC, which is the basic combination.

Step2: Set the same parameters with the two bots.

There are some experience for setting parameters:
The price range with Lower limit &Upper limit: Don’t set very big price range.
Grids: Around 80-100 grids
Leverage: Big leverage may bring more risk. Maybe 1X leverage will be more friendly to new users.
Stop loss price: Set at the closest price to Upper limit
Close Bot at: Set at the closest price to lower limit

Leveraged Grid tutorial:
Margin Grid tutorial:

Tips for Bot Comb Setting

① You should make the single Grid profit > fee+daily interest.

② Leveraged Grid and Margin Grid all have the risk to be liquidated, so you should pay attention to the estimated liquidation price.

③ Bot Combo normally will get positive profit only during the certain price range with high frequency arbitrage. And the low frequency arbitrage and Sideways market may make the negative profits.

④The long-short strategy, combined with Leveraged Grid and Margin Grid is only the personal trading way, which can not be investment suggestions.

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