ETH/BTC Trading Bot Earned 2.8 BTC in 900 days

Mario liu
3 min readJan 5


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As pic shows, this bot earned「2.88 BTC」 with 2 BTC investment in about 900 days. If you wanna earn Bitcoin, it‘s a great way to earn BTC from the「 fluctuation」between ETH and BTC.

If ETH rises faster than BTC, the price of ETH/BTC will rise, and the Grid bot’ll auto-sell ETH to BTC to take profits. When the price drops, it’ll buy ETH back. In this way, the bot‘ll auto-buy ETH low and sell high to earn BTC.

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ETH/BTC is in the uptrend market since 2019.

Treat ETH and BTC as a pair of competitors. When ETH price rises faster (or falls slower) than BTC, the price of ETH/BTC will rise or fall.

As the pic shows below, it’s in an upward trend from 2020 to now, and recently, the price also fluctuates between 0.05–0.09.

How does BTC Growth Bot work?

BTC Growth Bot is a good way to earn BTC however lots of friends still don’t understand how it works. So I made some pics to help you understand better:

This bot is running on ETH/BTC trading pair to earn BTC from the relative fluctuations between BTC and ETH. So it’ll keep its position in BTC and ETH, and place ETH sell orders (position in ETH) above ETH/BTC current price, and ETH buy orders (position in BTC) below ETH/BTC current price. Here are some simple pics:

Pic 1: If ETH/BTC price rises, the ETH sell order’ll be executed, this position in ETH will be auto-sold into BTC to take profits

Pic 1

Pic 2: If ETH/BTC falls, the ETH buy order’ll be executed, this position in BTC will be bought into ETH.

Pic 2

Pic 3: With the fluctuation of ETH/BTC price, the bot’ll auto help you buy ETH at a low price and sell ETH at a high price to earn BTC, such as buying ETH at point 1 and selling ETH at point 2 to earn BTC.

Pic 3

Since 2019, ETH/BTC has been in a up trend, which is a good chance to earn BTC from fluctuations. So you might as well give it a try~

How to use Pionex BTC Growth Bot?

You should download Pionex app first, and you can copy the bot shared by other as follows:

Download the Pionex app:

  • Download the latest Pionex App (Which is only available on the Pionex latest App right now)
  • Log in and tap「CopyBot」on Pionex page
  • You will see the「BTC Growth Bot」bot shared by other Pionex users, then tap the bot card
  • Tap「Copy」and decide how much BTC you prefer to invest with the bot.

Download the Pionex app:

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