Great profits with low risk | The best Bitcoin trading bot strategy 2021/2022

“Bitcoin broke $40,000! Do you have any Bitcoin now?” I asked many of my friends.

As the above picture shows, Bitcoin attracts people because its volatility makes the potential for profits. Yes, Due to the VOLATILITY, most traders can not hold BTC for the long term.

Holding Bitcoin is cool but most people can’t insist!

Holding BTC is a very cool strategy to make profits. However, when BTC hit $20,000, I asked many of my friends if they were going sell, but they didn’t even hold BTC anymore. They said they did sell all way earlier for a cheaper price. Why? Why not just hold BTC to $20,000 or even much higher?

OK, holding BTC and selling high is harder than it sounds, because we are always influenced by our emotions like greed for short-term profits, or the fear of losing our money, so we doubt our decisions and these emotions make it hard to hold BTC and sell it at the right time. Don’t blame it on yourself because this is the frailty of human beings-always influenced by our emotions.

Here are 5 common mistakes that make it hard to hold BTC to 30,000 or even higher!

🗣Chasing the market

Volatility is one of the main characters of crypto currency. Because the prices of crypto currency never stop trading, they always move. There are always small ups and downs in price movement every minute. Many people will buy a coin when the price is high and sell it low if the price decreases due to fear, which causes them to make losses. The opposite should be the goal.

🗣 Fear the loss and be greedy for short-term profit

Fear and greed are the very common human being emotions. Sometimes, if the price of one coin you hold goes down, you may sell this coin at a lower price because you fear losing more, even though it would pump later. On the contrary if the price goes up, you may sell too early because you are greedy and miss out on the real profit. All these situations affect your trading performance and may cause you to trade badly.

🗣Hesitating and watching all along

Everyone wants to buy the bottom and sell at the top. But in reality traders are always watching and hesitating, causing them to do the exact opposite.

🗣Watch the market all the time and learn more indicators

If you want to be a professional trader, you will need to spend much time watching the market and learn how to use various indicators (like MACD, RSI or whatever you prefer) and find a strategy to use them in a profitable way. This will require a lot of time, energy and skill and you probably also will make losses while you still learn these things.

🗣 All in — with just one cryptocurrency?

Nothing causes more fear than trading with too much funds, but many people want to get rich overnight. So investing all your funds to gamble with one of the so-called “high R/R” tactics by choosing one small-cap altcoin that might go up 1000%, have a good chance to lose anything if you put in all you have. Everyone should really think twice if he plans to put anything on one card.

Laddering buy/sell on BTC is a good option for everyone!

Nobody can really predict the BTC price. So if you “all in BTC” with current price, it may be higher. Or you may hesitate to wait a good timing to buy BTC, which may make you loss the chance to buy any BTC.

So Laddering buy/sell on BTC is a good option. You can place many BTC sell orders and BTC buy orders as the following picture shows. Once the price up, you can laddering sell some BTC to earn some profits, Once down, you can laddering buy some BTC to lower the average cost.

This trading idea is very cool, but it is very hard to manually place too many orders, watch the market all the time. So I use Grid Trading Bot on Pionex to help me auto Laddering buy/sell on BTC!

I ran this BTC Grid Trading bot for about 278 days, makes 113.95% profits so far-I call it「BTC Ultra-wide Grid Trading strategy」because I set a very large price range ($2,000 to $20,000).

Why this BTC Grid Trading strategy can help you trade and hold BTC well to $20,000?

🗣Avoid the most emotional mistakes

My Ultra-wide BTC Grid Trading Bot will auto buy the dips and sell the pumps. Because the bot will auto trade for you, sticking to the parameters you set, it can help you to avoid the most emotional actions like chasing the market, manually buying/selling because of greed/fear etc.

🗣No need to check prices every day or use complicated indicators

If you create this Ultra-wide BTC Grid trading Bot, it does all the trading by itself. As long as the price stays within your price range, it will automatically buy low and sell high, so there is no need to watch the chart all day.

🗣Bot provides you a good positions management

According to the parameters you set, the bot will place multiple buy and sell orders. This decreases risk and ensures you have good average prices on your trades, which is way less risky than going all in.

The New BTC Grid Trading strategy will trade and hold BTC well up to 60,000/10,000 in 2021!

I created a new Ultra-wide BTC Grid Trading Bot with updated parameters. It has been running for 70 days so far earning $11,884+ (79.23 %) in the process.

Pirce range 6,000–60,000
Price range 10,000–100,000

The bot has auto placed total of 150 BTC sell&buy orders, which will buy low and sell high/ Laddering buy/sell on BTC to make profits. The following picture shows the BTC sell&buy orders that the bot has placed:

If you wanna create this BTC strategy, now is the very time and here are the Parameters of the new Ultra-wide BTC Grid Trading Bot:
(1) Trading pairs: BTC/USDT
(2) Lower limit: 15,000
(3) Upper limit: 150,000
(4) Grid: 200 grids
(5) Amount ≥ the minimum amount

Tips: The minimum amount will be auto calculated out after you input all above parameters.

FQA for BTC Ultra-wide Grid Trading Bot

Q: How long I can keep this BTC Ultra-wide Grid Trading strategy?
A: This Ultra-wide BTC Grid Trading Bot is a long term strategy, The longer BTC stays within the price range and fluctuates, the more profit you earn.

Q: If the price goes down? Should I stop the bot?
A: NO! Once the price is falling, that’s an opportunity! It means your Bot can buy cheap BTC now, which it will sell for a profit later when the price is high again.

Q: How were the parameters calculated out?
The Bot was AI tested, and these Parameters showed the best performance. But feel free to adjust them as you like!

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