HOLD through, or SELL now and BUY back at the Bottom? Pionex Provides a better Option for BTC drops!

On March 13, 2020,“BTC drops below 4,000!” this headline woke up many traders in shock, who recently had been trading in a small bull market caused by expectations of the halving event in may. Starting at March 9, Bitcoin began to fall from a high of $9,150 to a low of $3,799. In the case of a Bitcoin downfall like that, one of the biggest questions asked by users is “How deep will it fall, where will be the bottom? I want to buy at the bottom and sell the top!”

「Buy the Bottom + Sell at the Top 」must be the ultimate dream for any trader ! Buying at the lowest price and selling all at the top price obviously is the most basic and unbeatable best strategy. But i think you will soon realize, that this kind of trading pretty much is dreaming and very unlikely to accomplish. Also, you won‘t leave after selling, but instead try to buy/sell again to increase your investment. Because that’s human nature.

It reminds me of a good friend, who invested 30,000$ in BTC and other altcoins in 2016. At the beginning of 2018 he had more than 10 million in crypto assets. However, in February, the prices dropped too much, finally he was left with only a bit of money. Today he regrets and understands that you have to consider every possibility. Making a great fortune overnight is just as possible, as losing all your life savings within a few hours.

In the field of traditional financial markets, there is a popular quote, I think everyone is familiar with, “Don’t put all your bets on one card, betting on multiple cards reduces the chance to lose”. Cryptocurrency is a risky trading game, so investors should split their funds on multiple assets.

「Holding assets + Trading assets」 is the best way to bet on multiple cards. The goal of your Trading assets is to trade them profitably to increase your Holding Assets (BTC/ETH), which you keep holding, to sell them in a distant future..I believe that many shrimps like me are willing to take the risk to trade on our own to make more profits. So trading assets can be used for trading on your own.

Two days ago a friend of mine said he bought 1.5 BTC on a platform in 2013, now it is worth fully 12,000 USD, so just holding BTC truly made sense.

But i believe many Traders like me are willing to take the risk to trade, with the goal in mind to also increase the number of assets we are holding (BTC in most cases).

Talking about trading, “Buy low and Sell high” is the fundamental way to make profits with trading. Buy cheap, sell expensive and you earn the price difference as profit.

To give you an idea, you can make profit from every small rise and fall of the price, so the sum of countless small ups and downs should be taken into consideration. This high-frequency arbitrage trading is too difficult to be done manually. Therefore, among the many trading tools in the market, the Grid Trading on Pionex is the best one for this kind of strategy. It is simple to setup, automatically runs and trades 24/7 to earn countless small profits in the fluctuating market.

The working principle is to arrange a certain number buy and sell orders in the price range. When the market is fluctuating, these orders will be executed and replaced. For example: The price of BTC fluctuates between 13,000 and 7,500 for the last two months, which is a good reference for choosing the price range of the bot.
So we set a maximum price of 13,000 and a minimum price of 7,500, which means the Grid Bot will earn many small profits from all price fluctuations, as long as the price keeps staying within 7.500–13.000.
So I have created a Grid Trading Bot with BTC/USDT as the following picture shows:

If you are these kinds of guys:
1. Won a lot or lost a lot in crypto currency area.
2. Wanna learn more trading skills and improve yourself.
3. Wanna learn what Grid trading bot is and how to use it and read some tricks of the pros
4. Share your Strategies with other traders, or see what strategies they are sharing.
5. Just invested in Cryptocurrency and learning everything as a new Trader.

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