How I still earn a 75% profits Even Bitcoin dropped over 60%

Mario liu
5 min readJun 28, 2022

This above picture is my strategy, which still makes me +75% profits now. You may disagree, suspect, be curious or eager to know how it works. No matter how you think, just listen to me, which may give you a new insight even make you reborn with your crypto trading.

The basic philosophy of the investment

You wanna make profit with your investment, here are basic 2 things you should deal with: 1) A good target. 2) Buy it low, and sell it high.

How to choose a good target
Maybe Gold, Crude, Tesla stock, Bitcoin, Ethereum, what ever you think, make sure it has the potential as the good target. Maybe the advanced tech, super influence, or bright future, you should do your own research and make it clear to you.
Personally, I think crypto is a very advanced and new financial product based on blockchain, which has already earned the huge attention from all over the world. Many whales and even big companies have already stored Bitcoin as company assets. So like Bitcoin and Ethereum are both the good targets to invest.

Buy it low, and sell it high
No matter how you trade, day trade, swing trade or signal trade, the only way for spot trading is to buy low and sell high. So for Bitcoin, just buy it low and sell it at a higher target price you want.

Last year Bitcoin broke $60,000, and now dropped to $20,000, bear market comes. We are into the next year financial recycle again. Even BTC all time high last year, but over 90% retail investors did not make profit, and also lost their principal and confidence.

Why 90% people loss money in crypto

Emotion makes you fail
No matter you are newbies or Pro traders, you all will make the wrong decisions if you are influenced by your emotion. Crypto market is very risky and fluctuate. Because of the human-being nature, we are greedy for the short-term profit, easier to be FOMO, fear of the loss, no time to watch the market 24/7 and so on. Just imagine whether you have the similar situations:

1# FOMO to buy some small cap coin
There are too many shit coins promoted to 100X your investment, and in a short term, the price falls to Zero to ruin all your money.

2# Fear of the loss
When the price to da moon, too much FOMO suggestions around you, even you are very struggled and confused, you are in. However, the price dropped a little, you are fear of losing any money, then you sell your position at a lower price than the buy price. Then you lose some of your money.

3# Greedy for the short-term profit
When the price up again, you are in. In order to get a small profits, you just sell at a very close high price. And the price, to da moon, went to a new high price. You missed the chance.

#4 No time to watch the market 24/7
Because of the big crypto fluctuation, there are many chances to arbitrage from the price up and down. For most retail investor, they don’t have the rich trading knowledge to help them decide when to buy.

You Need a tool to help you

Grid Trading bot is a good tool to help you. No need to watch the market 24/7, master trading knowledge, even avoid the emotional risks. Because the bot will auto buy low and sell high within a certain price range for you based on the parameters you set up emotionlessly, within a certain price range as following pictures shows:

HODL VS Grid Trading strategy

As the above picture shows, I started the bot at the Bitcoin price of $15,883.83 almost 600 days ago. So let’s calculate as follows

For Grid Bot:
I invest $600 USDT, earn $451.96 USDT, and the profit rate is 75.32%

For Bitcoin HODL:
If I invest $600 USDT, and I will earn ( 21125.15–15883.83 ) / 15883.83* 600 = $197.98 USDT, the profit rate is 32.99%

Compared to HODL, Grid Trading strategy can make more profits from the fluctuation according to my case, and you will not be influenced by your emotions while enjoy trading.

Now is the best timing to start

Because Grid Trading bot will auto buy low and sell high within a certain price range. So no need to predict when to get started. And now is the best timing.

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Some risks for Grid Trading bot

Grid Trading bot is a kind of trading tools to help traders laddering buy and laddering sell, so it’s not the no-brain money printer ( Ponzi scheme ) that guarantees profits all the time.

Grid Trading bot can perform well in the sideways and bullish market. So selecting the right coins to trade with is very important. For example, if you select BTC, we think it will definitely go up in the long-term, Grid Trading bot will work well with it.

If the current price goes out of the price range, the bot will not work unless the current price returns back.