Join and Get 10 $-Binance × BitUniverse 2020 Global Grid Trading Contest Update!

💥Never try Grid Trading Bot? Join now and get 10$!

In order to encourage more traders to create Grid Trading Bot, BitUniverse 2020 Global Grid Trading Contest Update — Join and Get 10$ !

In this contest, if you are a new registered user on Binance, you can get $12 ($15 per person after the participants exceed 600) and it doesn’t matter if you are not a new registered user.

Now, BitUniverse offers you an additional bonus - 10$ for everyone, as long as it’s your first time to use Grid Trading Bot and join the contest.

Sign up and get your $10 👉

Notice: you’ll only get one participation awards between BitUniverse and Binance, which means you won’t get $10 USDT and $12 BNB at the same time

After the contest running for 10 days, the top 20 have accumulated $120,000 in grid profits, and the top 20 traders will split up 3,000 USDT in BNB.

🧐 Let’s see how Top 20 to make such high profits!

As the following graph shows, from the perspective of trading pairs, the top traders are mainly running the Gird Trading Bot with top currencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, BCH and LINK, which have make the 62% of the total profits.

In particular, the dark horse SOL, which was newly listed in Binance this Friday, brought traders 13% profit.

The percentage of profits in different currencies

Top coins to stably arbitrage, Potential coins to make high profit riskily.

👂The real bot-creating sharing from one of top 20!

Because of halving for BCH & BSV, the participant created Grid Trading Bot in BCH/USDT and BSV/USDT. And BCH and BSV normally will pump so much, so the Grid Trading Bots he created have the big price range, which be able to catch the most of the trending profits and do a large amount of arbitrage.

Learn how to create Grid Trading Bot to make profits and also get a $10 — $15, why not ?!

Three quick steps to start grid trading :

📝Which coins are suitable for Grid Trading Bot?

According to the suggestions from top Grid traders, Grid Trading Bot with top 10 coins in market cap can make the steady arbitrage. For higher returns, some strong and potential coins, such as LINK, KNC, BNB, and XTZ, are good choices.

👍Why Binance is suitable for Grid Trading Bot?

As one of the top three crypto currency exchanges in the world, Binance has good liquidity and many traders, which means more arbitrage opportunities and higher frequency to arbitrage there. Besides, holding a bit of BNB can also reduce the fee to 0.075%, which is better for Grid Trading arbitrage, too.

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Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from

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Mario liu

Mario liu

Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from

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