MXC × BitUniverse Grid Trading Competition-$22,200 USDT to Give Away!

In order to celebrate the cooperation between MXC and BitUniverse, Global Grid Trading competition has been held, besides, BitUniverse adds a bonus of $20,000 USDT to reward users who create Grid Trading Bot for the first time on BitUniverse. All users who create Grid Trading Bot for the first time on BitUniverse will receive a $10 reward. What are you waiting for? Join now!


Users shall fill out the registration form to participate the competition from now on. MXC will review the registration at 11:00, 17:00, 22:00 (UTC+8) everyday and open ETF API for registered users.

The registration form:

Awards and Rules:

<1>Encouragement prize

Prize pool: 20,000USDT provided by BitUniverse

During the contest, create a Grid Trading Bot for the first time with BitUniverse after 2020/04/20 12:00 AM(UTC+8), and meet the below trading conditions, then you will get $10 USDT as Encouragement prize.

Eligible for the awards: Investment of single Grid Trading Bot should be >= 100 USDT, lasting time should be >= 12 hours, and >= 10 transactions

Note: users who have already created a Grid Trading Bot before 2020/04/20 12:00 AM(UTC+8) are not eligible for this award. The prize will be distributed to the winners’ BitUniverse account within 7 days after the event.

<2>Participation prize

Prize pool: 200 USDT provided by MXC

The first 100 users who register for the competition and whose total asset on MXC no less than 1000 USDT can receive 2 USDT airdrop each.

<3>Surprise prize

Users who meet anyone of the following conditions can enjoy 50%-off trading fee for spot and ETF products for 30 days:

1. Users who register for the competition before 24:00 (UTC+8), Apr 22

2. Users who have 1000 USDT equivalent of asset on MXC Exchange

<4>Trading Prize

Prize pool: 2000 USDT provided by MXC

Registered users will be ranked based on their grid trading volume for spot and ETF products respectively. The top 10 users with largest grid trading volume for spot or ETF products can share 1000 USDT respectively based on the proportion of their grid trading volume.

Awards Distribution:

1.The participation prize and trading prize will be distributed to user’s MXC account within 7 days.

2. As to surprise prize, the term for the 50% trading fee discount is from 12:00, Apr 20 to 12:00, May 19. MXC will take snapshot of user’s asset within 24h before trading fee rebate. The date for trading fee rebate will be Apr 27, May 6, May 13, May 19. In this connection, the earlier a user participates the competition, the longer the one can enjoy trading fee rebate.

Participation Method:

  1. Fill out the registration form
  2. Download BitUniverse APP
  3. Import MXC API
  4. Trade grid trading for MXC spot or ETF products


  1. Washing trading is prohibited, otherwise the user will be disqualified for the competition.
  2. The 30-day 50%-off trading fee is for spot and ETF products.
  3. Every user is not allowed to join with more than one account, once found will be disqualified.
  4. If users who only do grid trading for spot products, there’s no need to apply for ETF API. The ETF API will be closed if a user applied successfully but failed to do any grid trading within 48 hours.
  5. Users shall first open API for spot trading before apply for opening ETF API. If not, the ETF API cannot be opened.
  6. Digital-asset investment subjects to high risks. MXC will work hard to select high quality projects and BitUniverse will provide grid trading tools, but will not be responsible for any user’s losses.
  7. MXC and BitUniverse reserve the final explanation right.

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