The Reason Why I Like The Grid Trading on Pionex.

1) Grid trading pain point — transaction fee.

Talking about grid trading, there is a pain point round the transaction fee. Some friends of mine often come to say: Excluding high trading fees, profits are often not as much as we expect, if you keep running the grid trading for a long time. Basically it seems that we are working for the exchanges.

First of all, let’s take a look at the transaction fee of three major exchanges, like Houbi, Binance and OKEX. Focusing on the Maker transaction fee, it can be seen that the normal one-side transaction fee is 0.1% marked in the gray frames and arrows , while Pionex one-side transaction fee is 0.05%.


2) The nice liquidity can really make sense.

Secondly, grid trading needs good liquidity to trigger more transactions, which can make users obtain better returns on grid trading. Here we make a comparison between Huobi and Pionex as the following pictures.


For trading strategy, Pionex shows more advantages, at present, there are 5 trading strategies like Grid Trading, Infinity Grids, DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging), TWAP(Time Weighted Average Price) and TTP(Trailing Take Profit).

3)As what you concern most — Security on Pionex.

As a user of each exchange, what we, users, concern most is security for your cryptocurrency. Pionex as a rising star seems to be not that known as others.I can only say that you can believe in Pionex if you believe in BitUniverse. Due to the fact that other exchanges are always faced with API upgrade adjustment and other factors, which make grid order withdrawn and normal trading failed. So only incubating their own exchanges can solve these problems successfully. It is awesome that BitUniverse incubates Pionex!

Finally, post some pictures as forecast that something is happening on Pionex.

Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from

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Mario liu

Mario liu

Crypto trader who has much bot trading experience from

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