The tutorial of three steps to get discount on BNB!(New Users Only)

In order to celebrate exchange Pionex incubated by BitUniverse has listed BNB, BitUniverse unites Pionex to give away huge bounty — Up to 90% discount to buy BNB on Pionex.

The details of BNB Lucky Draw as follows:

⏰Event Period

2019/10/22 06:00:00–2019/10/28 5:59:59(UTC)

🏆BNB Lottery Draw Prizes

1st prize — — 90% discount

2nd prize — — 70% discount

3rd prize — — 50% discount

4th prize — — 25% discount

🔎 The steps to get BNB discount

1st Prize(90% discount)

(1)Deposit 2000USDT

(2)Run at least 100USDT grid bot on BNB

(3)Manual-buy 10 BNB

(4)Return 90% funds

2nd Prize(70% discount)

(1)Deposit 1500USDT

(2)Run at least 100USDT grid bot on BNB

(3)Manual-buy 10 BNB

(4)Return 70% funds

3rd Prize(50% discount)

(1)Deposit 1000USDT

(2)Run at least 100USDT grid bot on BNB

(3)Manual-buy 3 BNB

(4)Return 50% funds

4th Prize(25% discount)

(1)Deposit 500USDT

(2)Run at least 100USDT grid bot on BNB

(3)Manual-buy 2 BNB

(4)Return 25% funds

Notes: Single bot lasting time should be ≧ 48hours, the investment of the grid trading bot orders should be ≧ 100USDT, or the same value of BTC、ETH and ≧ 50 transactions.(Because the amount of BNB/USDT pair needs more for one single grid, you should at least deposit 700USDT if you want to run this pair)

You also can click here to know more about the event:


(1) The amount of BNB can be discounted is different for different prizes, such as the maximum discount amount for First Prize is 10BNB, Second is 10BNB, Third is 3BNB, Fourth is 2BNB.

For example: if A won First Prize and bought 13 BNB, only 10 BNB will be discounted as 90% off.

(2) The lucky participants who get First, Second, Third prizes should deposit 2000, 1500, 1000 USDT according to different prizes to Pionex trading account within the event period. The discount funds for different prizes will be returned as USDT(If Buying BNB with BTC or ETH, the discount funds will be returned as the same value on the price of BTC or ETH).

If you win Fourth Prize , you should deposit each 100USDT to get 25% discount on 0. 4BNB and the maximum discount amount is 2BNB. If the deposited USDT doesn’t satisfy any USDT requirements, which will be regarded as giving up on any discounts.

(3) If you win a higher prize, but the posited USDT doesn’t satisfy the USDT amount according to the higher prize requirements, it will be automatically downgraded to the lower level of the prize in which the USDT amount can satisfy the requirements.

For example: if A won First Prize but only deposited 1100USDT during the event, the discount funds can only be returned as Third Prize.

(4) The discount funds will be calculated as the price you bought BNB.

For example: if A won First Prize, deposited 2000 USDT and bought 10BNB on the price of 20 USDT, A will get the discount funds as 20 * 0.9 * 10 = 180 USDT.

(5) If you don’t deposit any USDT to Pionex account within the specified event period, which will be regarded as giving up on the BNB discount, and all BNB discounts are valid only during the event Period.

👉Special Instructions

(1) Each participant can only use one account to participate in the BNB discount event. If any participant uses several accounts to participate, which will result in disqualification for all accounts.

(2) This event is only available for Pionex new users (the registration on Pionex and do not make any transactions, including the manual trading or quantitative trading).

(3) Only the first 500 participants will receive BNB discount prize.

(4) Pionex is entitled to the final interpretation of this BNB discount event.


1. Why I can’t see BNB and related BNB trading pairs on Pionex?

Recently only users who have upgraded to aggregation engine 2.0 can see BNB on Pionex. Users who signed up on Pionex after 2019/09/30 have been automatically upgraded to aggregation engine 2.0. For old users, we will launch the upgrade in next week. Please stay tuned.

2. When will Pionex support the deposit and withdrawal of BNB?

By the end of this month, it is expected to support the deposit and withdrawal of BNB.



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